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Hello hello! 

We’re Kate and Ali, creators of new children’s clothing brand, Putu and Pickles; we design a gender fluid kids line designed for free-spirited parents and even wilder-hearted babas.

The idea for Putu and Pickles first came to be when Kate (illustrator-for-fun and general supermum) was living in Bali with her first child Fin... known to the locals as Putu. Inspired by the laid back and carefree nature of life there, she wanted to design a more UK friendly kid’s range of unisex prints, that hadn’t been seen here before.

But life got a little complicated (as it so often does!) and these big ideas had to be put on hold. It was only after getting out of a volatile marriage, single mama Kate wanted to create a better future and example for her two baby boys....so with a little help from her friend and graphic designer Ali, Putu and Pickles was born.


This is our first range, and it’s for the wild ones. Encouraging the ones who shout loud, get up to mischief, have confidence & never let anyone put you down. Be who you are, have your voice and live your life full of adventures...

Stay rad,

Kate & Ali x

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