Why we support Women's Aid...

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Why we support Women's Aid..

After experiencing domestic abuse in my last relationship, I know first hand how damaging the effects of abuse can be, not only for women, but for children too. For me, overcoming psychological abuse has, and still is, the hardest thing I have ever faced. My past experiences are light in comparison to what some women and child have to endure. It takes an incredibly brave and strong women to build up the courage to escape an abusive relationship. For that reason, we, as a brand, are passionate about creating awareness, not only for those that are suffering in silence, but also for future generations. We represent the wild-hearted kids who dream big, demand to have a voice, and don't let anyone bring them down.

Why we are talking about it?

A third of domestic violence cases begin during pregnancy, when the woman is more vulnerable. And, in cases where it began before, it often worsens when the woman falls pregnant. It’s common for perpetrators to use their children as a means of gaining even more control over their partners. Imagine your partner saying to you “If you leave, I will take away your children and you will never see them again because the authorities will never believe you are able to look after them”... Could you just walk away? And if you did, wouldn't you be terrified about the repercussions?

Women’s Aid provide refuge for these women and children who are fleeing from physical and psychological violence. Not only are they given shelter, they are provided with the safety and support they need to start rebuilding their confidence and their lives.

1 in 5 children in the UK have been exposed to the horrors of domestic abuse. 62% of these kids are being harmed directly. Kids who grow up in an abusive home are more likely to become abusers, or may end up as victims themselves in later life. That being said, not all children go on to repeat this behaviour. After seeing the destruction that violence can cause, most avoid it in their adult years.

After years of society brushing this issue under the rug, it is only in recent years that this devastatingly common problem has become recognised in the mainstream media. But, with the Government planning on changing the way refuges are funded, it feels like we are going backwards. They are proposing that women will no longer be able to pay for their accommodation using their housing benefits. This means that refuges across the UK will receive a 53% cut in funding. As a result there will be women and children across the country who will have no other choices than to be homeless, or return to a highly volatile and potentially life-threatening household, knowing the safety and wellbeing of their children is at risk.

There are thousand of women across to UK (not to mention the millions of women and children around the world) who aren't allowed to have a voice. It’s important for us to collectively be that voice, to shout even louder and break the cycle of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, class, race, age, religion or ethnicity. Although the majority of victims of domestic abuse are women, men are also falling victim. In fact, 1 in 6 men in the UK will experience domestic abuse at some point in there lives. This is a subject we intend to continue writing about in future posts.

If you are experiencing, or have experienced, domestic abuse then don't suffer in silence - there are loads of organisations that will (and want) to help you.



Counsellors specialising in domestic abuse survivors:


We give 10% of our profits to Women’s Aid.

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