About us


We’re Kate and Ali, creators of new children’s clothing brand, Putu and Pickles; we design rad unisex clothing for wild-hearted kids.  

The idea for Putu and Pickles first came to be when Kate (illustrator-for-fun and general supermum) was living in Bali with her first child Fin... known to the locals as Putu. Ali (a graphic designer who was in Singapore at the time) would visit often, and both friends fell in love with the laid back and carefree nature of life there. Inspired by their travels, they wanted to share the free spirited and relaxed beach style they had so loved, and use that to design a more UK friendly kid’s range, that hadn’t been seen here before.

But life got a little complicated (as it so often does!) and these big ideas had to be put on hold. It was only after getting out of an turbulent marriage last year that mama Kate, now a sole parent with two babas to support, was determined to turn a negative into a positive future for her and her boys, and turn the dream into a reality. The two friends powered together and the brand was born.

And so here’s our first range, and it’s for the wild ones. Encouraging the ones who shout loud, get up to mischief, have confidence & rebel. Be who you are, have your voice and live your life full of adventures...

Kate & Ali x